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Professional Spotlight

Soror Kimberly Langston-Cress

Senior Vice President and Director International Banking Services

(Product, Strategy, and Operations)


Employed by a top-20 U.S. Bank

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

My idol as a child was Dr. Joyce Brothers so it was no surprise that my dream was to become a psychotherapist. However, life took me in a different direction. I married young, while still a college student, and was a mother by the time I graduated. Needing to start working right out of college and delay grad school, I decided to go into banking--specifically International Banking. It sounded intimidating, but I’ve never run from a challenge and think I can learn and do almost anything!

Fast-forward twenty-seven years later, I’m an international banking professional who holds a CDCS certification (the first CDCS at my bank). In my current position, I wear a lot of different hats. Whether it’s managing risk, developing, and planning to bring new products to market, training and leading others (I’ve always been a teacher at heart), or serving as project lead for International in 20+ bank mergers and acquisitions, I always bring my best and try to be a learner as I lead my teams in both Raleigh and Charlotte. I also played a vital role in setting up our foreign exchange trading desk. We offer import, export, and standby letters of credit, documentary and check collections, foreign currency bank notes, wire transfers, foreign exchange trading/hedging, and multi-currency accounts.

Outside of my job, I’ve served as a panelist for the North American Regional Bank FX Forum as well as on the planning committee, a member of the BAFT Trade Finance Committee, and other professional organizations. I was also a charter member of my bank’s Money Talks Toastmasters club.


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