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Graduation Spotlight

Soror Jada Satchell

I am a first-generation law school graduate who achieved the distinguished honor of graduating summa cum laude, securing the 8th position among 144 peers. Throughout my academic journey, I dedicated myself to both scholarly pursuits and leadership roles, notably serving as the guiding force behind the Science and Intellectual Property Law Journal as its Editor-in-Chief and holding the esteemed position of vice-president to the 3L class. I secured a position as an Associate Attorney at a national firm, while finishing my last year of law school, and will be practicing employment, securities, and insurance litigation. I am also the first black female Associate Attorney within my firm’s southern office. Now, with the luxury of newfound free time, I am eager to invest it in cherished moments with my family, friends, and in fulfilling service to Sigma.

University Information: North Carolina Central University School of Law 

Degree: Juris Doctorate, Summa Cum Laude

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