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Professional Spotlight

Soror Shamara Morgan

I am a Customer Delivery Leader and Program Manager at Cisco Systems. I started out as a Project Specialist and was promoted to a Project Manager on an account that held the reputation of being one of the largest and toughest accounts in the company. As a Project Manager, I earned my Master of Science degree in Project Management from Walden University in 2017. I quickly became a sought-after/requested Project Manager by both the internal PMO (Project Management Office) and external Customer. After 4 years, the manager over the team I currently lead, asked my manager if I could be transferred to his team to help deliver quoting projects. I went “kicking and screaming” and after 4 months, he asked if I would lead the team. I quickly told him “I don’t like people like that” because about 20 years prior, I was told by a colleague that “you should get a role that doesn’t involve working with people”. That comment instilled a subconscious fear in me whenever I thought about working with people. I didn’t understand, at that time, that the very thing you are challenged by or are running from may be the very thing you are called to do.

“You don’t choose your dreams…your dreams choose you”.

I’ve thrived as a People Leader growing and transforming the team from 6 resources to 17. As someone who wholeheartedly believes in a “growth” mindset and the necessity for personal evolution so that I could become the leader/mentor/coach that I wished I had, I spent time developing myself personally and professionally and grew to LOVE people and creating environments where they felt safe enough to be seen, heard, and validated. Because I am consciously aware that people tend to mirror those they follow, it was important to me that I modeled the behavior and mindset I wanted my team to mirror. My passion is fueled each time I see one of my team members step out of their shell, face, and overcome a fear that they had or stepping into the fullness of their strengths. I have since received numerous recognitions and letters of praise from leadership, peers, and customers. My team continues to thrive daily mentally, emotionally, and professionally as personal and professional development is a daily requirement.

While at Cisco, I have participated in Executive Shadowing, Career Coaching, mentoring, Cisco Women’s JUMP program and Next Generation Leaders (a development program for leaders from marginalized communities). I’ve attended numerous leadership conferences and earned the following badges and certifications:

  • Executive Presence Certification

  • DEI Certification

  • GlobeSmart Profile Certification

  • Duke Fuqua School of Business ASEP Certification

  • Certified Scrum Master

  • ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation

  • Cisco Verified Green Belt

  • Cisco Verified Agile Fundamentals

  • Cisco Verified Data Literacy Green Belt

Additional Stretch Assignments:

  • Connected Black Professionals Mental/Emotional Wellbeing Pillar Committee Member

  • Connected Black Professionals Affirmation Team

  • Women of Cisco Member

  • Cisco Mindfulness and Resilience Global Event Lead

  • DEIB Belong Pillar Committee Member and Co-Lead

  • Culture and Brand Ambassador

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